Fuller – Chamblin Family Tree

Now that I am starting to feel better I have started working on the family tree again. I’ve taken and found some interesting pictures lately.

I’ll start with the Fullers.

Wyatt and Elsie Fuller 300x225 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Wyatt and Elsie Fuller

First is a picture of my grandparents tombstone. They are buried at Damascus Baptist Church in Leah Ga.

Claude and Janie Fuller 300x225 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Claude and Janie Fuller

This is my great-grandfather Claude Lovelace Fuller and his wife Janie’s Tombstone. Claude died young due to an accident.

Janie Fuller 156x300 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Janie Fuller

This photo of Janie was taken around the turn of the century.

Bill Janie Charles Fuller 300x291 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Bill, Nanie-mama, and Charles Fuller

Janie was referred to as Nanie-mama by her grandchildren and as you can tell she was well loved. That’s my dad on the right.

William Taylor and Ella Fuller 300x225 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

William Taylor and Ella Fuller

In Warren County at the Johnson Methodist Church is where the parents of Claude, William Taylor and Ella Fuller are buried.

Francis Marion and Sarah Fuller 300x225 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Francis Marion and Sarah Fuller

Finally we come to my great-great-great grandparents Francis Marion and Sarah Fuller. They are buried in Magnolia Cemetery in downtown Augusta.

I only have 2 other tombstones to find in the Augusta area. My 4th great grandfather Isham Fuller (1783-1864) died near Appling but I have no record of where his grave is located. My 5th great grandfather Spivey Fuller (1757-1790) fought in the Revolutionary War and later moved to Augusta. He died and is buried somewhere in Richmond County. I haven’t found any record of his burial.

Wyatt and Mamie Chamblin 300x225 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Wyatt and Mamie Chamblin

On the Chamblin side of my family I have Wyatt Lucius Chamblin.

Lou Eubank Chamblin 216x300 Fuller   Chamblin Family Tree

Lou Eubank Chamblin

Wyatt is the father of Janie Fuller by his first wife Lou Eubank Chamblin (1861-1899).

His father Wyatt Lucius Chamblin (1841-1897) was a Civil War veteran who lost his leg during the battle of Atlanta. I know he is buried in the old Bethel Church near Pollards Corner I just have to wait for cooler weather to get to it. His fathers name was Wyatt Chamblin and he was a doctor who moved from Spartanburg SC to Columbia County. Unfortunately I cannot find any records of his death.

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7 Responses to Fuller – Chamblin Family Tree

  1. Nikki "Chamblin" Brown says:

    We may be related. I am looking to start my family tree and my grandfather’s name is Wyatt Lucius Chamblin.

  2. I have information on Wyatt Chamblin of Spartanburg, SC
    who is in my family.
    JoAN Chamblin Serrata

  3. JoAN Chamblin Serrata says:

    I do not know if I did not give you my address,
    I don’t remember hearing from you..
    JoAN Chamblin Serrata

  4. Ayanna Shanks Jarvis says:

    Hello Wyatt,

    We are related. I had been emailing with your wife Peggy on Ancestry (I believe she is your wife), but we lost touch.

    My great grandmother (3x) is Jennie Chamblin (Dr. Wyatt Chamblin’s daughter – she is mulatto/colored). Jennie Chamblin married Griffin E Germany Feb 12 1890. They owned their land. They had four children Maola, Augustus and Griffin Jr., also James but he died young. Maola is my Great Grandmother – her daughter Rena, is my Grandmother.

    You can refer to the 1900 Census, as well as the Marriage License from 1890 for Jennie’s information. Our family church was/is in Grovetown, called WaterBranch Baptist Church.

    I would be happy to know more about the family history. Do you have a photo of Jennie? Do you know the name of the plantation Dr. Wyatt Chamblin owned during the Civil War or the name of their home? I have photos Griffin Germany and his sister Julia.

  5. mikayla says:

    helloo we are related:)

  6. Kayla Chamblin says:

    Well Im pretty sure we are related!!!(:

  7. Wyatt Fuller says:

    Apparently the comments on this blog were borked and I wasn’t getting notifications. I have fixed the issue and would love to have more information on how we are related.

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